What do you recommend for bumps??

"What product do you recommend for ingrown hairs?” This is by far the question we get asked the most. I wish there was a simple answer - a cure all that I could recommend to everyone. To be honest, though, ingrown hairs are like the common cold. Even with the best regimen you’re going to get one from time to time. So what can you do to at least reduce your chances? 

  1. Safety razor That five-blade razor may cost less upfront but what will it cost your skin in the long run? Dragging five blades across your face is overkill and cut the hairs so short they are beneath the skin surface. Once they start to grow some may grow into the skin instead of making their way out. A better option for your skin is a safety razor because of the control it gives you over the number of passes. You won’t be forced to take a blade to your face in multiples of five. With good technique you can have the perfect shave in two passes. Fewer passes mean fewer chances the hair will grow back into the skin. P.S. Shaving against the grain will also result in cutting the hair too short.  
  2. Exfoliate You may have heard that you don’t need to exfoliate because when you shave you’re exfoliating. Well, if you go days between shaves it’s enough time for dead skin cells to clog your pores and cause ingrown hairs. You can prevent this with proper skincare which includes exfoliating a few times a week. Gently scrubbing your face and neck will rid it of those dead skin cells and allow the hair to grow freely. An exfoliant will also help speed up the healing process of any existing ingrown hairs. 
  3. Moisturize Exfoliating will help get rid of dead skin cells but what you really want is to reduce the amount of dead skin you have in the first place. How? Take care of your living cells. Think of your skin as a living plant that needs water daily (morning and night) to thrive. Moisturize right after shaving with a good aftershave. If you have a beard make sure to hydrate the skin under your beard. 

A good safety razor, an exfoliant and a quality moisturizer are three keys to healthier skin and fewer ingrown hairs.

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