Slow down! Life’s short… Use a brush!

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Ah, yes! The wonderful feeling of prepping your face with a shave brush! I know, I know, you’re busy, but just pick one day out of the week and give yourself this royal treatment. It’s great shaving preparation: exfoliates the skin, creates a great lather that gets deep into the beard, and aids in delivering a close shave.

Here is what you need to know!

Boar hair is too tough, and doesn’t hold enough water.  Synthetic is just that, synthetic!  My preference… badger hair.  For arguments sake, they come in 3 Categories: Pure, Finest(sometimes referred to as “Best” or “Super”), and Silvertip. Here’s the skinny so you can run out and get one that’s just right for you!

  • Pure– the lowest grade, coming from the back of the badger. Usually darker in color, and coarser than “finest” or “silvertip” due to its larger hair shaft.
  • Finest – a middle grade brush. Lighter in color, softer, and it holds more water than “Pure” for a better lather.
  • Silvertip – the highest grade badger brush.  It comes from the neck of the badger, so it holds the most water. A good way to spot one… they are fluffier in appearance, and have an almost white tip.  At home this brush will deliver the best lather you can image!

They range in price from $10 – $1000+. True, this is quite the price spectrum; however, in most cases after a certain amount you are truly paying for the craftsmanship of the handle.

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